Pyramid fortunes

Pyramid Fortunes is a casino game that offers you the best combination of casino strategy and luck. Pyramid Fortunes combines classic casino play with an innovative user interface, giving you an unprecedented gaming experience. This addictive game is available for download from the official site or from our affiliates on major online gaming platforms such as Play station 4, Nintendo DS, XBLA, Wi-Fi and many others. You can also find the game in various mobile phone applications. This game is best played in all-pay mode with no win lines.

If you win, your cash will be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled! The majority of the users playing the free-spin slot games on a regular basis usually end up losing their hard-earned cash to the random number generator. For this reason, this particular slot machine is best played with the help of a professional slots dealer who can manipulate the odds. When you win on Pyramid Fortunes, your cash bonus will increase from double to quadruple the amount of your initial investment! And when you hit the jackpot, the Twists will immediately flow and you will be able to access the free spins!

In this highly addictive game, you have to manipulate and manage the icons on the screen while making use of the bonus round icons to earn as much money as possible. In order to manipulate the icons, you have to use the same set of symbols on the red and yellow bonus round icons. Each time you place an icon on these circular icon spots, it will cause the game reels to start spinning. When you win a jackpot, the game reels will stop spinning and you will be given a fat bonus.

These reels are randomly generated based on the software you have installed in your computer. The game further uses “jumpy” random number generators to produce these symbols on the reels. Each time you place an icon on the reels, it will add one of the randomly selected symbols to the next symbol drawn. If you win a grand jackpot on Pyramid Fortunes, you will be given seventy thousand dollars, which is more than enough for any businessman. Therefore, it is advisable that you play the game for fun and for the sake of earning money as well!