Why Sports Betting Online Is Profitable

Sports betting is very appealing to many smart bettors mainly because unlike casino games, the house does not have a fixed edge. Similar to live poker, sports betting online is more dependent on skill than luck. While you will not win all the time, a skilled handicapper has a high advantage than a casual bettor. Before we dive into more details about why sports betting online is profitable, let’s take a close look at how online sports betting works.

Sportsbooks online make profits on sports betting by keeping the commission on lost bets. This is referred to as Vigorish (Vig). 11 to 10 are the most common odds that you will find with different bookmakers. What this means is that you must risk $110 if you want to win $100. For instance, you bet on Manchester United at a sportsbook and wager $110. If Manchester United wins, you will collect about $210 after you cash with the winning ticket. On the other hand, if the team loses, you will have lost $110.

Essentially, the bookmaker wants the bettors to place equivalent bets on both the team playing. If Manchester United is playing arsenal and they have one bettor placing a bet in favor of Manchester United and the other bettor placing a bet in favor of Arsenal, the sportsbook pays the winner $100 and collects $110 from the losing bettor. This gives the sportsbook a $10 profit, and for this reason, they do not care who wins as long as the sportsbook makes sure that the bettors’ place bets of equal amounts on each team, to achieve this, a sportsbook online assigns a spread or line to make the competition equally enticing for both teams.

The Point Spread

Most people tend to believe that the point spread is the victory predicted margin through which one player or team beats another player or team. However, this is not the case. The point spread is the bettor’s prediction of the number that will be needed to split the betting evenly on both players of teams. As a result, the point spread can shift from the opening line to a line during the game. The ultimate goal of an online sportsbook is to have the wagering as evenly as possible.

If bettors are swayed by opinions to wager in a specific team or player, then the oddsmakers should modify the line to ensure they also get some activity on the other player or team. If this is not done, the wagering will be significantly lopsided. Generally, most online bettors’ place bets based on what is currently happening and the news they are getting about the teams. It is for this reason that most bettors want to bet on the winning team with hopes that this is the team that will win and makes them some money.

For a bookmaker, the line is wrong if it doesn’t attract the same level of activity on both teams. Nevertheless, from a smart bettor’s perspective, the betting line is not right if it doesn’t calculate to his/her predicted outcome of the fixture. The weak team or player can technically because the bettors favorite if the available news and public opinions are in favor of that team. Once this happens, the least favorite team presents the biggest overlay for a seasoned online punter which means that the winning odds are in favor of the bettor. For instance, player A ought to be a three-point least favorite to player B, nevertheless, the bettor likes player A and is placing bets on him/her and the line shifts to make player A  the 1-point favorite, at this point, player B becomes a perfect wager. This is one of the main reasons why most smart bettors choose to go against other bettors.

The Bettor

The winning bettors creates their opinions regarding the match and ignores the sentiments of the general public. The bettor collects information from different sources, rates it and chooses what he/she can trust. The bettors develop their unique power rating and predict what the line will be without checking out the official point spread first and then compare the predictions they have made to the official line to determine whether there are any differences.

The largest amount of data available through the internet and other trustworthy sources clearly shows that bettors have enough information. However, this means that there are lots of sources to scour through to get the details they need to place smart bets. You can check through our trusted guides to find helpful information regarding online sports betting.

Why don’t bettors win more at online sports betting? Like all other endeavors, it takes practice, patience and time to become a successful gambler. The good news is that with some effort and desire to win even the most average bettor can easily become a winning gambler. Based on -110 odds for a straight basketball or football bettor is only required to be correct 52.38% of the time so that they can break even. Nevertheless, most sports gamblers cannot accomplish this winning percentage over time.

High Chance To Make Money

The most important thing about online sports betting is that you always stand a chance to win and make money. No matter the size of your wager, you always have the chance to win big. Betting on sports and winning is very easy if you have some level of skill and apply the right betting strategy. While there are some casual sports bettors whose only intention is to win once in a while, there are many bettors that have mastered the betting skills and are now professional sports bettors. These professional sports bettors have learned and understood how to check through sports betting statistics with a very keen eye to only make the correct bets.

Bottom Line

The most important thing that you can do if you wish to become a professional sports bettor is to choose a site that can be trusted and start placing bets here.

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